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CMAA - Southern California Chapter

    • 03/22/2023
    • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • The Grand - 4101 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90815
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    • 03/23/2023
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided
    • 03/29/2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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    • 03/30/2023
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
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    • 04/12/2023
    • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided

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    • 04/19/2023
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided
    • 04/20/2023
    • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided
    • 05/04/2023
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Port of Long Beach
    • 05/10/2023
    • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
    • Virtual
    • 05/10/2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided

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    • 05/17/2023
    • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
    • Virtual link to be provided

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    • 05/17/2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided
    • 05/18/2023
    • 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    • The Biltmore - 506 S. Grande Ave, Los Angeles
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    • 06/22/2023
    • 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • The Westin Long Beach, 333 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

    • 06/26/2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided
    • 06/28/2023
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided
    • 07/18/2023
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Virtual - Link to be Provided

Past events

03/21/2023 Caltrans District 7: Gloria Roberts Acting Director
03/20/2023 Metropolitan Water District: Investing in our Future
03/15/2023 Measure Q: Long Beach Unified School District's $1.7 Billion Bond Measure
03/09/2023 Ethics / Conflicts of Interest & Political Reform Act
03/07/2023 Soft Skills for the Emerging Professional - Positioning Yourself for Success
03/02/2023 Orange County Transportation Authority Capital Program Update
03/01/2023 CMAA CMIT Mixer
02/28/2023 Completion of the 1st State Funded Design-Build Project & the Future of Design-Build with the CCCCO
02/23/2023 The Latest on Prevailing Wage, Apprenticeship, Skilled and Trained Workforce Requirements, and New Laws
02/22/2023 Chaffey College Capital Program Update
02/15/2023 The Inflation Reduction Act and its Implications
02/09/2023 2023 Western Winter Workshop
01/25/2023 The Future of LACCD's Education Experience Measure LA
01/24/2023 California Construction Law Update
01/12/2023 CCM Application Webinar
01/11/2023 Southern CA K-12 Bond Programs Compton, Downey & Rialto USD
12/05/2022 Holiday Mixer
11/15/2022 USC & UCLA Rivalry Week Capital Program Updates
11/09/2022 The University of California is the World's Leading Public Research University System
11/08/2022 Education Mixer
11/01/2022 Risk Management and Successful Project Delivery
10/25/2022 How to Adjust and Adapt to the Construction Supply Chain
10/18/2022 Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach Capital Program Updates and CMAA SoCal 2022-2023 Board Installation
10/13/2022 Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) Toll and Capital Project Delivery Update
10/13/2022 Design Build: Pro-Active Engagement through the Design Review Process
09/30/2022 Lean Construction: Principles & Best Practices. Hear from Three Points of View: Consultant, Contractor and CM
09/28/2022 Sustainable California High-Speed Rail Infrastructure featuring Margaret Cederoth
09/28/2022 CMAA presents Aviation Construction
09/22/2022 The Benefits of Progressive Design-Build: Setting up the future DBE team for Success.
09/21/2022 CMIT Mixer Featuing Jessica Landon, LEED AP, CCM
09/21/2022 The Riverside Community College District
09/15/2022 CMAA Partner Event: A Reception for Tony Tavares - Director of Caltrans
09/14/2022 Are you struggling to Design Your Projects within Budget? Ensure budget adherence by implementing Target Value Delivery (Owner Edition)
09/14/2022 Market Trends Driving the Transportation Industry
09/08/2022 CCM Application Webinar
08/31/2022 The Future of Airline Travel
08/25/2022 Are Your Projects Faking it? How Project Teams are Being Impacted by Fake Lean
08/24/2022 Building for our Future in the Inland Empire
08/23/2022 The Evolution of Alternative Delivery - The Expansion of P3 Delivery Options
08/11/2022 Sustainable Infrastructure and the Role of Envision
08/10/2022 Southern California Counties Share What's in Store for the Next 5 Years
08/08/2022 Deep Dive into Procurement Methods and Project Delivery: Design Build, Progressive Design Build, CMAR, CMGC and Traditional Delivery Methods
08/04/2022 Meet the Owners/Primes Speed Networking: One-on-One
07/27/2022 LAUSD's Unprecedented School Renovation Program
07/26/2022 CMAA Digital Conference Series: Digital Adoption
07/19/2022 Keys to Negotiation - Sharpen your Soft Skills
07/13/2022 Designing and Building Hope at City of Hope
06/22/2022 CalTrans Enters a New Era of Transportation
06/14/2022 CMAA SoCal Mixer - SOLD OUT
06/14/2022 CMAA Digital Conference Series: Owners Panel Discussion – Digital Evolution
06/08/2022 The Infusion of Federal Funds on Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Projects
05/25/2022 The California State University System
05/24/2022 CMAA Digital Conference Series: The Pulse of Digital Services in the AEC Industry
05/19/2022 CMIT Mixer
05/17/2022 Contract & Project Issues in the Post COVID-19 Environment
05/11/2022 K 12 Construction Programs in Orange County
05/03/2022 Alternative Delivery Methods
04/27/2022 Long Beach Unified School Districts' Facilities Development and Planning Continues to Build on their Success
04/26/2022 CMAA SoCal Mixer
04/14/2022 Prevailing Wage and Skilled and Trained Workforce
04/13/2022 Job Order Contracting (JOC) from the Owner's Perspective
04/13/2022 Citrus College - Designing and Implementing the New to Keep up with the Student Population
04/07/2022 The Benefits of Partnering in Construction
03/31/2022 Marine Construction 101
03/29/2022 CMAA Digital Conference Series: Digital Implementations
03/24/2022 State Architect Ida Clair presents DSA Efforts to Move California Schools Toward a Sustainable Future
03/23/2022 How Public School Districts are Planning for 2022 Bond Measures in the Face of On-Going Challenges
03/21/2022 Owners' Night
03/18/2022 Security Issues for the Construction Industry
03/17/2022 CCM Application Webinar
03/16/2022 Construction Safety: How Owner Safety Programs and Engagement Improve Project Performance
03/09/2022 San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA)
03/01/2022 CIPO Cloud Software Helps Construction Owners
02/23/2022 The Department of General Services (DGS) Serves as Business Manager for the State of California
02/22/2022 How to Start Managing Construction Projects in Microsoft 365
02/09/2022 Los Angeles Community College District Continues to Design and Build!
02/08/2022 Healthy and Sustainable Campuses in the Age of Covid 19 and the Climate Crisis
02/01/2022 Construction Law Round-up 2021
01/26/2022 Getting to Know the New and Improved Los Angeles County Public Works
01/25/2022 SB 169 Authorizes $2.0 Billion for Student Housing
01/19/2022 Understanding Carbon and Getting to Net Zero
01/12/2022 The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
11/17/2021 USC & UCLA Rivalry Week Capital Program Updates
11/10/2021 Building the 21st Century: Pre-Fabrication Strategies that can be Utilized on the Average Project
11/03/2021 CMAA SoCal Networking Mixer
11/03/2021 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Los Angeles Construction Market Analysis
10/28/2021 CCM Application Webinar
10/28/2021 Transitioning to a More Resilient California
10/26/2021 Bluebeam Studio Projects & Sessions
10/21/2021 How California Water Supply is Changing and Impacts Your Supplies, Customers and Business Operations
10/20/2021 CSUN & CSUF Capital Program Updates
10/15/2021 How to Re-Open the Right Way for Public Owners
10/06/2021 Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach Capital Program Updates and CMAA SoCal 2021-2022 Board Installation
09/29/2021 San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments - Capital Program Update
09/23/2021 CMAA - CMIT/Young Emerging Leaders Networking Mixer
09/23/2021 Mass Timber Education Webinar: Architectural Design, Benefits and Uses
09/08/2021 City of Los Angeles: Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering
08/26/2021 CCM Application Webinar
08/25/2021 LAUSD Capital Program Updates
08/24/2021 CMAA SoCal LA Mixer
08/18/2021 LA Metro Highway Programs
08/17/2021 Decarbonization Pathways for Existing Buildings
08/12/2021 CMAA SoCal IE Mixer
08/11/2021 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
08/04/2021 Meet the Owners/Primes Speed Networking: One-on-One
08/03/2021 Public-Private Partnerships – How Alternative Financing Can Help Deliver Infrastructure Projects
07/28/2021 CMAA SoCal LA Mixer - SOLD OUT
07/28/2021 SBCCD and Measure CC
07/22/2021 CANCELED - Caltrans District 12 Capital Program Updates
07/21/2021 CMAA SoCal OC Mixer - SOLD OUT
07/13/2021 LA Metro ExpressLanes Program
06/29/2021 City of Long Beach Public Works Update
06/23/2021 Effective Management of Construction Projects for Owners/Construction Managers
06/21/2021 Port of Long Beach: Pier B On-Dock Rail Support Facility Program
06/16/2021 Building Equity - A Stronger Community
06/08/2021 The Constructability Review Process - Keys to Reducing Change Orders and RFI's
06/03/2021 Risk Management: A deep dive into Scheduling and Delay Analysis
05/27/2021 California State University San Bernardino: Capital Programs Update
05/25/2021 Design Build and Progressive Design-Build Procurement: Featuring Chaffey College
05/21/2021 20th Anniversary Municipal Green Building Conference + Expo
05/20/2021 How to be ready and prepared for sudden influx of short term funding? CARES Act Stimulus Spending Strategies
05/18/2021 Mindful Leadership in a World of Virtual Relationships
05/14/2021 Save the Drama – Managing Challenging Employee Situations
05/11/2021 Innovation and Technology in Construction
05/06/2021 Envisioning Sustainable Infrastructure – The Process & The Proof
05/05/2021 Prevailing Wage Law, Skilled and Trained Workforce, Compliance and Updates!
05/04/2021 Risk Management and the Transit Industry
04/30/2021 California High-Speed Rail
04/29/2021 CCM Application Webinar
04/27/2021 An Owners Only Roundtable Event
04/27/2021 A Transitioning Energy Sector
04/21/2021 Orange Unified School District: Capital Programs Update
04/20/2021 Construction Management Multiple Prime Delivery Method: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
04/14/2021 Back to the Workplace: Solving the HVAC Air Cleaning Dilemma: Panel Discussion On BPI with Acknowledged Experts
04/13/2021 Proposed LA County Green Zone Ordinance
04/08/2021 Mt. San Jacinto Community College District: Capital Programs Update
04/06/2021 Challenges of Procuring Public Works
03/26/2021 Contract Remedies for Stalled Projects (MCLE Presentation)
03/23/2021 Caltrans District 7 - Capital Programs Update
03/18/2021 Year of Change In Labor Law
03/17/2021 Alternative Project Delivery - Public Sector
03/11/2021 Metrolink Capital Programs Update
03/10/2021 Brightline West: A High-Speed Passenger Rail Service Connecting Southern California and Las Vegas
03/04/2021 The Benefits of Partnering in Construction
03/03/2021 K-12 Capital Programs Update
03/02/2021 The Construction Manager’s Responsibilities Nurturing Successful Collaboration
02/26/2021 IE Community Colleges’ Approach to Tackle Climate Crisis
02/23/2021 ESSER Fund under the CARES Act – Maximizing your recovery
02/18/2021 Citrus Community College - $298M Measure Y Bond Program
02/11/2021 Owners' Night
02/05/2021 Annual Construction Law Update - What’s New for 2021
01/29/2021 Lease Lease-Backs: A Legal Construction Delivery Model in California
01/28/2021 CCM Application Webinar
01/22/2021 LA Metro Regional Rail - Link Union Station Project
01/12/2021 New Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Safety Standard: Another Burden for Employers
12/17/2020 Holiday Virtual Appreciation Event
12/03/2020 How Public Owners use Project Incentive Programs Webinar
12/01/2020 Metro’s Medium Size Business Program (Msz) Upcoming Opportunity
11/19/2020 CCM Application Webinar
11/17/2020 Construction Trade Resources Webinar
11/10/2020 Cal State University: Capital Programs Updates for Year 2021 and Beyond Webinar

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