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Project Support Services - Director of Operations

  • 06/02/2022 11:02 AM
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    Project Support Services

    Job Title

    Director of Operations

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    Job Description / Primary Objective The Director of Operations plays a very critical role in the company of PSS. The Director is a leader that is guiding the operations of the company for success by ensuring our clients are thrilled with our work, the team is being productive and efficient. Also projects are being certified and the department is generating revenue.

    This leadership role requires the person in charge to lead the team and drive the ship, guiding the team members on a daily basis. Also providing support and encouragement but also accountability.

    Daily Check In Call
    • Team check in to see who is working on what and making sure the right task are getting completed
    • If any team members need work, shifting that work to them, helping team members with task
    • Each team member needs to be on this call Monday- Thursday
    • Your role when leading the calls is to keep the energy up and the team engaged. This will also be led with the CEO.
    • The agenda is to be updated by the Office Manager. Should you have any updates please notify the Office Manger or you can also add.
    Weekly PM Meeting
    • Every week meet with the Project Manager and Project Coordinators to discuss:
    o Priority projects
    o Task delegation
    o Client needs and updates
    o As PSS grows the meeting will be split up into teams. You will need to lead each call for accountability and also making sure projects are being completed in a timely manner.
    o Priority projects will be discussed first then the non-priority projects.
    o Your job is to make sure every client and project is being completed per our contract and word.
    Client Meetings
    • Reviewing and approving the meeting agenda
    • Making sure meeting notes are being taken and completed by the PC team.
    • Reviewing minutes meeting prior to being given to the client
    • Pre-PSS meeting to discuss the meeting such as who will lead the meeting, introductions, point of the meeting, goals and etc
    • Post meeting, going over next steps with the team, delegation, deadlines.
    • Meeting minutes are also to be reviewed and given to the client within 48 hours. It should be 24 but due to the complexity of the meeting 48 is the latest.
    EOM Reports
    • Making sure the P.C’s are completing the EOM reports
    • Review the EOM reports before being sent to the clients
    • EOMS are to go out the first week of the month.
    #3 Monthly Report
    • Overview of the non-certified project total
    • Making sure progress is being made
    • See where the need needs to move more
    • Going over any new non-certified projects with the team.
    • Informing the client and asking if they would like for PSS to assist.
    • Informing them of any new projects, the scope and contract will increase.
    • Compare the #3 report to the EOM. All projects should match or per the contract.
    Revenue, PO & Accounting Meetings
    • Meet with the CEO, Executive Director and Accounting Manager to discuss monthly revenue
    • Go over monthly total invoice
    • Discuss remaining PO balance
    • Project loss
    • Cost for projects, clients, etc
    • Discuss hours and productivity of the Operations Team.
    • See where training is needed for team
    • Creating training sessions or looking into seminars that can assist the team or team members.
    Client Pulse Checks
    • Checking in with PSS clients to make sure their needs are being met and they are happy
    • Provide feedback to CEO
    • This should happen monthly with some clients or every 3 months.
    • Assist the sales and marketing with proposals if needed
    • When the client is ready for Phase 2 work with the team to discuss:
    o How many projects are still non-certified
    o Which projects will be listed
    o How many hours based on the teams recommendations.
    • Making sure priority projects are being completed
    • Deadlines are being met per the client needs
    PSS Team
    • Reporting to the CEO any employee issues
    • Mentioning praises, which team members are doing great
    • Mentioning to the CEO which team members need coaching in which areas
    • Discussing coaching, write ups and etc with the CEO
    • Discussing with the CEO if additional hires or lay offs will be needed
    • Assist creating SOP’s for the Operations Department and the company.
    • Goal is to have a SOP for every department.
    • The CEO will have projects time to time that will be delegated to improve the department.
    • These projects will be discussed, given and expected to be completed once agreed upon.
    Harvest Timesheets
    • Review each teams weekly Harvest entries
    • Making sure they hours they worked vs what was billed is profitable for the company
    • Making notes or mention of any issues with billing to the accounting manager
    • Making sure employees are working their hours
    • Discussion if not properly clocking in or out
    • Discussions if OT is required or requesting approval
    • Reviewing entries and making sure Smartsheets is accurate
    • Informing team members of corrections or updates needing to be completed.
    • Making sure the team is communicating very clearly with one another
    • Making sure the team is in synergy with communicating.
    Project Schedule
    • Creating a monthly schedule to make sure each client is being focused on and completed
    • Coming up with a program for the projects to be completed per schedule
    Project Management
    • Making sure projects are being completed in a timely manner, scope is not creeping and within budget.
    • Leading, guiding, directing and delegating task when needed.

    Monthly Overview
    • Reviewing each client
    • Creating a project schedule for the team to focus on

    New District Set Up
    • Assigning Task per the New District Set Up Log
    • Team meeting to discuss the delegation of work
    • Holding the team accountable
    • Making sure task are completed correctly and signing off on the task

    Phase 1
    • Assigning Phase 1 task and delegation
    • Making sure team is completing on time
    • Setting up a team meeting to discuss the delegation
    • Team meeting to go over Phase 1 findings
    • Weekly check in on status
    • Discuss with PM & PC the program
    • Review and approve the proposed POA provided by the Project Manager
    • Discuss cost and budget for each project
    • Set up client meeting to discuss once Phase 1 has been completed
    • Prepare client and team for DSA meeting if required and needed
    • Updating logs if project is ready for Phase 2

    Phase 2
    • Prepare the schedule and program for Phase 2 completion scope of work
    • Have team prepare Phase 2 proposal when required
    • Making sure work is being completed per the Phase 2 plan of action

    Leading & Managing Employees
    • Leading the team is crucial along with understanding their role.
    • Your job as a leader is to keep them focused and achieving their goals.
    • Each team member has different goals along with expectations.
    • The CEO will discuss the roles and responsibilities that need to be accomplished.
    • Check in with employees will need to be scheduled. Feedback and praise is important.

    Must know:
    • CCD’s
    • Change Orders
    • EPR
    • DSA Tracker
    • DSA Regulations
    • DSA Compliance
    • Knowledge of plan reading and interpretation
    • Code
    • Problem solver and critical thinking
    • Great communication skills
    • Able to lead a team

    • Gain knowledge of DSA rules, regulations and code along with the DSA Project Certification Guide.
    • Hours are being met for each team member weekly:
    o Senior PM – 40 Hours
    o Project Coordinators – 35 Hours
    o Part Time PC – 20 hours
    • Company revenue goal:
    o Month 1: 75k
    o Month 2: 85k
    o Month 3: 95K
    • Leadership
    o Being a leader with the team and making it known they can count on you for support, accountability and direction.
    o Discussions with CEO on organizing the department better either by new processes, systems or team members.
    o Ideas on growing other leaders in our company.
    • SOPS
    o Month 1: New District Set Up
    o Month 2: Phase 1
    o Month 3: Phase 2
    o This includes procedures and videos

    • Revenue
    • Project Management
    • Employee Improvement/Hiring/Retention/Training
    • SOPS’s
    Requirements (Education, Certifications, Level of Experience)

    10 yrs Experience

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